In this paper, we describe some of our initial efforts to standardize brain tumor reporting, including a brief survey of both radiologists and ordering physicians. This paper contains the categorization table as well as sample powerscribe templates that can be implemented at your institution.

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Weinberg BD, Gore A, Shu H-K, Olson JJ, Duszak R, Voloschin AD, and Hoch MJ. Management-Based Structured Reporting of Post Treatment Glioma Response with the Brain Tumor Reporting and Data System (BT-RADS). J Am Coll Radiol 2018; 15(5): 767-771.

  Academic radiology survey paper

This paper describes physician attitudes towards our reporting system. We built on our previous survey with a post-implementation survey and showed that most physicians felt that BT-RADS improved radiology reports in a number of ways. We also show that we have achieved about 80% implementation at Emory.

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Gore A, Hoch MJ, Shu H-KG, Olson JJ, Voloschin A, and Weinberg BD. Institutional Implementation of a Structured Reporting System: Our experience with the Brain Tumor Reporting and Data System. Acad Radiol 2019; In Press.

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