BT-Rads 2

ScoreTitleSubscoreDescriptionAssociated management recommendation
0Not scoredNew baseline, incomplete study, or otherwise unable to categorizeContinued follow-up, no change
1Imaging improvement1a – ImprovementImprovement in imaging findings suspected to reflect decreasing tumor burden and/or improving treatment effectContinued follow-up, no change
1b – Medication effectImprovement in imaging findings potentially due to effect from medications such as increasing steroids or initiating avastinContinued follow-up, no change
2No changeNo appreciable change from the priorContinued follow-up, no change
3a – Favor treatment effectWorsening imaging findings favored to represent treatment effects, including radiation therapy and medicationsDecreased time interval of follow-up
3b – IndeterminateWorsening imaging findings favored to represent an indeterminate mix of treatment effect and tumor worseningDecreased time interval of follow-up
3c – Favor tumor progressionWorsening imaging findings favored to represent increasing burden of tumorConsider change in management vs.
Decreased time interval of follow-up
4Imaging worseningWorsening of imaging findings highly suspicious for tumor progressionConsider change in management